Sex Therapy

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy — a general term for treating mental health problems by talking with a mental health professional. Through sex therapy, you can address concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy, either in individual therapy or in joint therapy with your partner. Sex therapy can be effective for individuals of any age, sex or sexual orientation.

From: Mayo Clinic, 2019. Click Here to learn more.

Sex therapy is NOT sex surrogacy and does NOT involve any form of sexual touch.

Sex-Specific Areas of Clinical Concern:

  • Concerns with sexual desire or arousal

  • Concerns with sexual interests or sexual orientation

  • Impulsive sexual behavior/out of control sexual behavior (sometimes referred to as "sex addiction")

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Ejaculating early (premature ejaculation)

  • Difficulty reaching orgasm (anorgasmia)

  • Painful intercourse (dyspareunia)

  • Intimacy issues related to a disability or chronic condition

  • Concerns regarding past unwanted sexual experiences

  • Sexual aversion

  • Coping with aftermath of an affair or repture in sexual agreement

  • Letter of endorsement for gender affirming treatment